Here is a list of some of the courses I have taught or helped teach over the years, as well as syllabi I have come up with for courses I hope to teach in the future. Feel free to use whatever information is on this page in your own teaching, and do contact me if you have any questions or feedback. Right now the materials are pretty sparse but I aim to add more resources soon.


Phonetics I

Taught as a graduate teaching assistant at KU in 2016 and 2018

Psycholinguistics I

Taught as a graduate teaching assistant at KU in 2019

Proposed Courses

Computing in the Speech Sciences

Proposed Syllabus for Undergrads/Grads: pdf

The Lexicon in South Asian Phonetics and Phonology

Proposed Course Syllabus for Undergrads/Grads: pdf



R Summer Workshop (KU; 2017-2019)
R Winter Workshop (KU; 2018)
5-week Introduction to R Bootcamp (Supstat Analytics, NYC; 2014)


Python Summer Workshop (KU; 2017-2019)
5-week Introduction to Python Bootcamp (Supstat Analytics, NYC; 2014)


Introduction to LaTeX for Theses/Dissertations (KU; 2017-2018)